Thursday, June 9, 2016

What Does my Dental Insurance Cover?

Our dental office treats a range of oral health concerns, from cosmetically flawed teeth to advanced tooth decay. With each procedure, it’s common for patients to wonder what their options are to ensure best results and what their insurance offers for coverage of those treatment options.
While this is a question with a range of answers – every dental insurance can differ -- there are some general things to keep in mind with most insurance plans that can help you better understand what you can expect from your treatment plan.

Elected Procedures May Come with Minimal to No Coverage – Treatments that serve purely cosmetic benefit and are patient-elected, such as teeth whitening and veneers, may not be covered under most treatment plans. However, there may be some wiggle room for aesthetically-appealing materials on necessary procedures, such as all porcelain dental crowns and bridges.

Prevention is Covered and is Key – This may be a common sense standard that you’ve heard before, but it’s certainly true. Many common dental problems that would later require cosmetic and functional restoration, such as decayed or stained teeth, can be avoided with frequent dental visits. With routine dental care, our team can prevent serious damage to teeth and ensure that your smile is fresh and bright. In most dental plans, twice yearly cleanings and dental X-rays are covered. If you keep up with these important preventive visits, the likelihood that you will need to plan for or seek funding for advanced dental restorations can be minimized.

Modern, Aesthetic Treatments May Be Included – Be sure to read over the fine details of your dental plan to find any hidden gems regarding covered treatments. In some cases, whitening may be included or in the event that you need a cavity filled – one of the most common treatments patients receive – tooth-colored, composite restorations may also be a covered option.

Waiting Periods for New Insurance Plans – Many plans include a stipulation that patients must wait for a set period of months before taking advantage of coverage for more comprehensive restorations or complex treatments, such as dental bridges and orthodontics. If you just started with a new insurance plan or switched plans benefit from better coverage, be sure to check whether any waiting period applies to your desired treatment.

Working with your Insurance and Amerident Dental

In any treatment where you have questions about what benefit you can receive from your dental plan, it’s always wise to call your insurance provider directly to clarify what is possible.  If you have questions about your treatment pan, our Dracut, MA dental team can help you make the most of your available benefits and submits claims to your insurance on your behalf.  For assistance regarding your treatment plan and insurance benefits, contact our office for an in-depth consultation.


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