Friday, June 24, 2016

Dentures and Dental Implants

If you have broken, missing, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth, you’ve probably considered dentures, which are removable devices that replace teeth, making it easier for you to eat and which aesthetically improve your smile. However, some people don’t like the feel of full or partial dentures, as they can become loose, block the palate, or provide insufficient dental function. If you’ve tried dentures and aren’t comfortable with how they feel, dentures that snap over dental implants may be the perfect solution.

How they Work

Snap on dentures, or overdentures, are palateless and stay in place by attaching to four or five or implant posts. For this reason, you must have implants placed before you can enjoy the benefits of fixed dentures. The team at our office can determine whether you qualify for implant dentistry. Snap on dentures are available for both upper and lower arches of teeth and are removable, like traditional dentures, so they can be stored and cleaned effectively, but are securely held in place during the day with stable dental implants, improving comfort and oral function.


The palette of traditional dentures can cause a feeling of discomfort and trigger a gag reflex for sensitive patients. Full dentures that cover the roof of your mouth can also make swallowing and speaking a challenge. Keeping dentures in place is its own battle, no matter what kind of adhesive you use, as speaking, eating, or simply moving your mouth can loosen your dentures, which can cause rubbing on soft tissue or the embarrassment of slipping teeth.

Snap on dentures with dental implants solve many of these problems as your prosthetics will be fixed in place. Your dentures won’t slip out or fail, even when you’re eating and speaking.

Learning More about Implant Overdentures

If you’re uncomfortable with your current dentures or looking for a way to enhance your smile without the frustrations of loose and failing teeth replacements, implant dentures present an ideal solution. At our Dracut office, we can help you make positive choices about your dental health by providing you with options and education, including implant dentistry and fixed denture solutions. Contact or visit us today to learn how to improve your smile and quality of life.

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