Thursday, May 26, 2016

How Long Does it Take to Restore a Smile?

Every patient seeking comprehensive smile restoration is interested to know how quickly they can see results. For patients with generally healthy mouths, this process can be a bit shorter, but successful treatment still requires careful planning and occasionally working with outside specialists and/or dental labs. At Amerident Dental, we support positive experiences by explaining to patients what is involved in their treatment plans and how long each facet will take, considering any of the following:

Addressing Pre-Existing Dental Health Concerns: Placing a restoration on teeth that are not properly supported due to poor soft tissue health won’t provide best aesthetics or lasting results. Other issues such as poor bone health or teeth grinding caused by TMJ disorder can also impact the success of your final treatment, which is why it’s so important to address these issues first.

Before placing restorations, deep cleaning to target gum disease or night guards to protect against grinding may need to be provided. For patients interested in dental implants, restoring depleted bone quality with a graft helps ensure the durability of new teeth. It’s difficult to say with certainty how long any of these processes will take – while deep cleanings and bone grafts are done in one or two appointments, the recovery processes for either treatment can take several weeks.

Planning your Treatment: After initial problems are corrected and the proper foundation of health for your new smile has been established, laying out plans for your treatment can begin. This phase typically includes taking impressions and X-rays and completing a full mouth exam, all of which can be accomplished in one or two dental appointments. After our dentist has confirmed which teeth require what types of restorations, we can go over a suggested treatment plan with patients, explaining outcomes, expectations, and recommendations.

Fabrication of Prosthesis: Restorations or replacements for teeth, such as crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures, are fabricated a dental lab, where they are made with recommended materials to help your smile look as natural as possible. Depending on the kind and quantity of prosthesis you are receiving form a dental lab, complete turn-around time for submitting impressions and receiving permanent restorations can be about two weeks.

Final Fittings: Once prosthetics are complete, you’ll return to our dental office where we will ensure that they fit properly, help balance your bite, and are the appropriate shade for the rest of your teeth. If any adjustments need to be made, we can take care of that on the spot. Adjustments and final bonding in place can typically be completed in one to two office visits.

Invest in your Health and Wellness

The truth is that there are no shortcuts for achieving a beautiful, healthy, and completely restored smile; each patients’ expected treatment times will vary. If you have questions about how long your desired treatment plan will take, call our Dracut dental office for a consultation. Investing in your smile with comprehensive care is always worth the time!

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